Painting the picture for tax planning

Painting the picture for tax planning

A picture paints a thousand words – so the saying goes. In fact 65% of us prefer visuals when it comes to learning and understanding a topic. That’s why with 30 June around the corner, it’s the perfect time to mix up your approach, to help your clients see the bigger picture and understand exactly where they’re sitting.

So before you launch in to your tax planning activities – here’s three ways you can use Vizulate® to appeal to the visual learners and put your clients in the picture.

  1. Cut through to the key issues – What do I have to pay, how much am I getting back, and what did I earn. These are three questions we hear repeatedly from clients as the end of the financial year approaches. Rather than give your client a table or list of numbers, charts can clearly map out the entire family’s estimated position and answer all of their questions in an easy to read format.
  2. Clearly show estimated positions – Add colour coding for refunds and payments to instantly see the bigger picture.
  3. Map out distributions – Add in distribution amounts to show the flow of funds visually.

Here’s how one of our users turned a standard structure chart into a powerful conversation tool for a recent tax planning activity. Want to try out a few of your own? Register for a free trial here and create unlimited charts for 14 days.




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