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structure charts, simply


Featuresdesign and create structure charts with ease

Seamless integration

Vizulate effortlessly integrates with Microsoft® Excel.

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Dedicated support

Built in help features and a dedicated online forum keep you drawing.

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Easy to customize

Every client is unique – customise elements to suit your needs.

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Fully Scalable

Vizulate is designed to be fully scalable, with enhanced customisation available.

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Easy to navigate

Intuitive layouts guide you through the data entry and drawing processes.

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Firm-wide Consistency

Set your firm’s defaults at the start for consistency across users.

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Communicate what matters

In an information age, it’s never been more important to be able to simplify your communications with clients and sift through the noise to demonstrate real value. Vizulate communicates complex information with powerful diagrams to help your clients understand what matters.

Everyone can be a designer

Vizulate integrates directly in to Microsoft® Excel and is fully intuitive. The simple user interface makes it easy for everyone in your organisation to create, edit and adapt structure charts for your client’s specific needs.

Focus on value

Professional services are changing, you need tools that are easy to use and create powerful results, so you can spend more time on what matters – adding value for your clients.

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  • The ESSENTIAL charting tool for professional services
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  • The ESSENTIAL charting tool for professional services
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  • The ESSENTIAL charting tool for professional services
  • Set ENTERPRISE-WIDE defaults

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